Locked Keys In Car

There’s no worse feeling than being locked out your car when you really need to get in. If you need to get safe access to your car, without damaging anything in the process, it helps to have an emergency response number on hand.

Here at 247 Car Key Solutions, we understand just how important these situations can be, which is why we offer a 24 hour service, ensuring safe vehicle entry at any time, across the West Midlands.

How Can This Happen?

It’s very easy to think this won’t happen to you but, in reality, it only needs to happen once. Imagine yourself on your most busiest day, when your hands are full with shopping, or you’re trying to organise the children. It’s very easy to forget about the little things, such as where you last left your car keys. In these situations, a simple accident, or just forgetting for a few vital seconds, can cause you to be locked out of your car.

In more extreme situations, this can actually pose a serious threat. For example, if the keys have been left in the ignition, the whole vehicle poses a potential danger: the car is primed, but nobody is at the wheel to control the vehicle. These are situations where waiting isn’t an option: you need an emergency response team that operates around the clock.

Also, don’t forget that keys don’t always need to be locked in the front of the vehicle. There are always instances when keys get locked in the boot, as they can always fall out of pockets or get lost in the confusion of loading and unloading the vehicle.

Who Can You Trust With Vehicle Entry Services?

Gaining safe and legal entry into a vehicle isn’t easy and, given the complex nature of a vehicle, you should only ever turn to professionals.

Our tools, for example, are designed to imitate your key and work with the car locks in a holistic process. This avoids setting off alarms or otherwise causing problems with the vehicle itself. It’s quick and painless, giving you access to your car in moments.

Will A Locksmith Damage The Car?

Because we use professional locksmiths and lock picking tools, there’s no damage to your car. We only focus on the lock itself, using tools that work intuitively with the design of the lock. There’s no need to smash windows, remove panels or otherwise tamper with the car itself. We give you access to a fully working, safe vehicle.

Once you have your keys back, the car will function like normal. Nothing our locksmiths do make any lasting damage or changes to how the vehicle operates. We are professional car locksmiths, so not damaging your vehicle is something we take great pride in ensuring.

As you can see, it’s quite possible to lose your keys in the heat of the moment, or even purely by accident. If it does happen, we offer a 24 hour service so it helps to have our number on hand, so we can quickly unlock the car and give you your keys back, allowing you to get on with the rest of your day!

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